Phone Systems

Why Shotrok Voice Systems

With VoIP technology combined with the right cloud services, you no longer must budget for large capital expenditures to purchase expensive equipment, with expensive deployment and maintenance costs, only to become obsolete a few years later. Today’s smart business owners are using business communication technology as a service, only paying for services they need on a monthly basis and as an operating expense rather than a capital expense.
A few things to consider when choosing the right communication technology for your business:
Mobile Employees: Are your customers reaching who they need and when they need them?
Multiple Offices: Connect all locations together on one phone system.
Business Continuity: What happens to your business when a service provider goes down?
At Shotrok, we believe that effective communication is vital to your business. It can be the difference between a great customer experience or a missed opportunity. Shotrok provides the perfect system for your business application, including Premise-Based, Hosted, Cloud and UCaaS solutions. With superior customer care and our ready-to-go technicians, you can be assured that Shotrok is your best choice for all your voice communication needs.


A quality business phone system should have enterprise features that allow users all the flexibility they need to process the caller’s requests. It should be easy to use so the caller doesn’t get lost in the flow and no matter what size business you have your phone system should grow with you as your demands and requirements change.

Here are some key features to look for in your new business phone system:

  • ACD call centers
  • Hosted and cloud PBX solutions
  • Integrated business systems
  • Multi-location networking
  • Power protection and backup
  • Scalable, reliable and fully featured Voice over IP


Star2Star Communications delivers the world’s leading hybrid cloud communications solution. Star2Star unifies customers’​ voice, video, fax, instant messaging and presence management into a single, easy-to-use system. Star2Star offers the World’s Only Full Spectrum Communications Solution, an end-to-end communications system unmatched in the industry.